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This is our mission

BEAM CropTech is an agricultural bioscience company focusing on the development of disruptive technologies to produce improvements in crop yield to enhance global food security.

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We develop technologies to enhance the physiological processes of plants linked to sunlight, seeking to optimize their energy resources to be translated into increases in yields.

Approaches to increasing crop yield

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This is our technology

Our projects are aimed at increasing crop yields by genetically by intervening on light perception and responses.

We develop technologies to sustain current yields in the face of future climatic adversities.

We have projects in different stages of development, with PHOTOSYNTER being the most advanced. With PHOTOSYNTER we are able to optimize the photosynthetic rate through a genetic intervention on a single gene that is conserved throughout all plants. For this reason, PHOTOSYNTER has the potential to be transferred to various crops, which would allow projecting this technology to multiple global markets.


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Our structure/team



Founder and Chief Scientific Officer


President and Chief Executive Officer

"Our challenge is to bring biotechnological advances in the field of basic science to the agricultural production chain, so these new technologies allow us to anticipate the changing needs of global agriculture."

“An unlimitedly creative mind is the key to improvement. Applying knowledge to agriculture is our way of contributing to world food security.”

On board

Dr. Guillermo Nicanor Toranzos Torino

Ing. Mg. Jose Ignacio Ariznabarreta Fossati
Lic. Sebastián Aurucci
Abg. Esp. Leandro Guarnaschelli
CPN. Mg. Paulina Zingone

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